I am a writer specializing in video games from circa 1990 – present.

Full-time, I am a secondary school English teacher based in Bristol, UK.

Contact me via twitter here.  My email is bryan_perhaps [at] hotmail.com.  I am more than happy to accept commissions.

Published list (most recent first)

GamesYouLoved.com (April 2017)

Kotaku UK (April 2017)

WhatCulture.com (2016-present)

Cubed Gamers (2016-present – in print and online) DISCLAIMER: I both contribute and subscribe to this website and magazine via Patreon.

Destructoid community blog (2009-present)

GameFAQs user reviews (2004-2009)


Miscellaneous content, non-chronological:

Daily Diamond Xbox One pre-release guide (Sept. 2013)

Daily Diamond PlayStation 4 pre-release guide (Sept. 2013)

Retro Gamer user submission article (2016)

Personal blog: expect spoilers (2008-present)